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    ‘About’ is about what, who, why * You can choose from below: What is fromopenheart? Culture design Human sustainability Service […]

  • Service design and love

    Service is to serve. We must serve our own self in a good way. Many forget to serve them selves. […]

  • Lovingly culture design

    We live our lives inside cultures both in the small me-to-me-culture, the cultures we create inside couples, friendships, inside a […]

  • Human sustainability

    YOU CAN CREATE A HUMAN SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Three global gaps has prevented our world from being sustainable: 1. The ecological/economic […]

  • What is From Open Heart

    From Open Heart is creative psychological workshops helping business, health, education, service, cultures and individuals to create future from love […]

  • Who

    As a designer with many years of experience working as facilitator, inspiring, provoking, transforming development in creative processes with customers […]

  • Methods

    For creativity, development, emersion and manifestation is used well known methods from design, psychology, Native Indian methods, mindfullness and Theory […]