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    ‘Articles’ is like a newspaper or magazine You can find a lot of articles, reflections, questions and meditations – about […]

  • Lovely atmospheres

    A room has an atmosphere that we sense immediately entering the room: we like to be there or we don´t, […]

  • What is good life quality?

    For all of us to feel that we have a Good-Meaningful-Life depends on: * 1. Who we build lovable trustful […]

  • Love us ❤

    Earth: probably 3,5 billion years old Humaninity in Africa: maybe 200.000 thousand years old Humanity in Europe: 30-40.000 years old […]

  • Our blind-spots

    Sometimes, when we want to change our personal life, culture at workplace, a service or organisation, our decisions and plans […]

  • Sympathy – walk in each other’s shoes

    All of us are born with the ability to be sympathetic. A very little child gets affected, when another little […]

  • Empathy

    Empathy is the ability to recognize and understand feelings and emotions by others. It’s about feeling into the other without […]

  • What about emerging future?

    What will happen? Will we lose anything? Yes we will. But luckily future seems to give basis for better human […]

  • Presence-ability

    HOW ARE WE PRESENT? Conscious awareness in life is not about thinking. It´s a sense of ones body, feelings, senses […]

  • Beauty

    Beauty is important for humans. It gives pleasure, joy and meaning to our lives. Beauty is part of the Greek […]

  • Lonely

    Are you lonely? Sometimes? We all are. We often think that loneliness is being alone. This can be true sometimes, […]