• Choose here

    ‘Poems’ are moments It is concrete situations, feelings or atmospheres that you can relate to, recognize yourself into or use […]

  • Moon say

    I feel your name although you are not able yet for moondance my spell that will make you accept what […]

  • Be

    Let it be life let love live its own path follow flow surrender to delightful enchantment love what is real […]

  • Come into magic

    Weep not for me darling I’m never far take time of forever with no fear, no doubt trust slow-going life, […]

  • Brigthens up

    Spirit of gorgeous nights in our beautiful life brigthens up burried dreams with dewy fragrance of magic love

  • Important banal

    I whisper sweet simple banal words to inspire your day with delightful love

  • Honey-touch

    Pink glittering sky over churchyard as I walk home after meeting held in too hot environment (unfortunately my own studio) […]

  • Let dream emerge

    Open your eyes to see the mythical beauty this glowing in-between-space, gab where affectionate emotions is played out and blooming […]

  • In arms of an angel

    This is nothing religious this is Angel used as universal symbol of a force or energy or idea or sometimes […]

  • Dreaming

    It’s all because of poetry – if not I don’t understand why such sweet soft vulnerability expands engaged dedication to […]

  • Rituals

    We all of us create rituals routines and habits that can help us cope with a life that sometimes can […]